Examining MLK day… from a different perspective

Could you imagine historythe world we would live in if the South would have won?  I am by far not saying they should have, or I wish they would have, but what if.  Our world is filled with differences.  Choices, sexes, preferences, beliefs, and more.  

A world where the South won, would Slavery still exist?  Would it have matured into something else?  I don’t know, but I spent the day reflecting, reading wiki reports on MLK, Human rights, etc.  I feel bad for our history.  I feel bad for our fellow Americans who endured hard times through out our young development.

So many civilizations begin with slavery.  So many young countries find their leaders making choices, choices that lead to the strong development of their societies.  Almost always, slavery is used in those developments.  From the Asians used to help build the rail roads, from the blacks used to harvmlkest everything from food to cotton, and from even more, immigrants from all over the world was used to build our cities.  Was anyone left out? 

A few families have risen above the rest, but for the most part, most are living near the poverty line, from all races.  But I wish it were different.  It would be awesome if society would have worked together for the entitlement or betterment for all man kind, but we don’t work that way.  Mankind is greedy, selfish, and out for self empowerment.  Each of us want more in life, each of us want what is best for our families.  But somewhere along those lines, people have allowed the government to GIVE them stuff, replacing desire with entitlement.

Why do we allow ourselves to get sucked into the “NEED”?  Why have so many stopped trying, knowing that the government will just be there for a hand out?  White, black, yellow, red, all have their hands out.  Screaming, “you owe me!”  I have to ask, what are you owed?!  You came out of a womb, was educated in a mandatory education system, reached an age of opportunity, and age where you could seek out professional development.  An age where you had 3 paths to choose from;  1. Further education for the opportunity of higher learning and higher success,  2. Join the working force, follow a career path, electrician, plumber, etc, with hard work being key to be part of the blue collar society,  and 3.  Take advantage of everyone else.  Whether it be the welfare system, prostitution, abuse of drugs and others, etc.   These seem to be the typical 3 options in life.


SO, I ask you, regardless of where your ancestors have come from, where are you going?  Why would anyone allow their history dictate their future?  I know my grand parents, I met as a child my great grand parents, but I don’t know anyone prior.  I don’t know how or if they suffered through any atrocities, I don’t know if they were in wars in Europe or Asia.   I don’t know at all.  But I have enjoyed working hard for what I have.  I chose path 2.  I have worked since I was 15 years old.  Never accepting giving up, never accepting failure, always pressing forward.

Our past is our past, we wouldn’t be the country or society we are without the past we have had.  We have to start looking at the future rather than dwelling on the past, and using these images, stories, and facts, to stand on.  To dwell on, to consume our “What ifs”.

I have always wondered what if the South had won.  I have always wondered how people would respond if Movies were made in the opposite fashion, films about what it was like to own slaves.  But so many people would riot over the idea, but no one hesitates to make a movie about the slavery and the suffering of those who helped create this wonderful country.  We have to move forward in our thoughts, toward a future with no lines, no color, no hesitation.  A future where love is available for all who want it.

I praise Martin Luther King Jr.  for having a dream, for helping our country to be whole!  I love my friends of other race and enjoy the times I have spent with all of them and I am glad that A man stood up against people being taken advantage of.   So on this day of reflection, I say thank you to those who stood firm in your beliefs.   And I say with complete respect, I thank all who have sacrificed so much to make this country into the society it is today.america